Coming in 2018 for the HTC VIVE and Oculus rift is the stealth action game; Espire 1: VR Operative. Inspired by games like Goldeneye, Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell; the player takes the role of an undercover agent. Featuring a unique motion sickness and locomotion solution to explore Espire 1's massive and detailed environments, this title aims to please both VR newcomers and veterans alike.

Alex Floate is taking the roles of level designer, environment artist and is contributing towards the game design in conjunction.

Follow the development progress of ESPIRE 1: VR Operative at



A horror themed strategy game. Made during the final project for a bachelor's degree in Unreal 4, Playtime has the player control a ghost inside a haunted house where he must interact with the various objects to scare, intimidate and eventually execute the invading characters. Each object the player can interact with has four different functions; creepy, lure, scare or kill; each with different effects and strategic attributes.

For this project, Alex Floate undertook the following tasks: Game Design, Systems Design, User Interface Design, Art Design (Including technical implementation of post-process effects), Animator (Introductory cutscene menus, and object animations) and 3D Modeler.

Melbourne 10,000 Title Sequence

Made as an accompanying work for a game previously produced. Alex Floate worked with colleague Bianka Basic to create a title sequence inspired by Television and movies such as True Detective, Gattaca and Puberty Blues.

Alex Floate had the role Co-Director, Animator, Storyboard Artist and Compositor.

Unreal 4 was used to create the animations, then keyed and composited into live footage in After Effects - then edited in Premier.

The roo and the fox

Worked in tandem with Daven Bettbridge; The Roo and the Fox is an action-platformer game designed for mobile devices. Played with an accompanying book, the game has children exploring, hunting, building and gathering for materials across various Australian environments. There are various educational aspects that touch on the topics of conservation, colonialism and environmentalism.

Made in Unreal 4, Alex Floate had the role of Creative Lead, Game Designer and Programmer; while Daven Bettbridge completed all the Art assets and Animations.


A game still in it's concept and design stages, One Flew Under the Cuckoo's nest is a frantic micro-game management experienced designed for large touch devices such as the iPad or tablet PC.

The player has to manage a family of Cuckoo chicks, each of them part of a family different species of bird. Each species as its own micro-game to manage and all must be played simultaneously.

Swoop with the magpies, mimic mum's call as the kookaburra and collect blue objects as a pretend bower bird while learning about the Cuckoo's unique parasitic breeding behavior.